Allow Samsung Tablets to Update Through Smoothwall

Bypass the below links in Smoothwall to allow Samsung Tablets to update. Follow the below link on how to bypass Smoothwall URLs if you don’t already know. Bypass URLs + IPs in Smoothwall Internet Filtering   URL to Allow Update Through Filtering for Tablets to Update   Other URLs That May Need Bypassing […]

Word Not Inserting Online Pictures – Bing

When using the Insert Online Picture option in Word, and trying to insert a picture from Bing, the following error occurs. “Sorry, we couldn’t download the picture(s) you selected.” This is because of a setting in Internet Explorer that needs unticking. Below is the setting. This can be done from Group Policy also. Local settings: […]

Setup BGInfo on a Network

To setup BGInfo so that it applies to all users desktops on the domain, do the following Copy BGInfo.exe to a network share. \\server1\apps for example Then create a info file (.bgi) by opening BGInfo.exe and adding the information you want. Then file – save as Make sure the .bgi is saved with the BGInfo.exe […]