Add the Office 2013 admx files into Group Policy

First go to the below website and download either the 32bit or 64bit installer

Run the installer and extract the files.

Then copy the .admx files from the admx folder that is created, and copy these into C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions (create this folder if there isn’t one). Then copy the .adml files from the en-us folder inside the admx folder and copy them to the en-us folder inside PolicyDefinitions.

Group Policy Management should now have the Office 2013 settings inside Administrative Templates.

The best polices to change in the User Config\Administrative Templates are the following

Microsoft Office 2013/First Run

  • Disable First Run Movie | Enabled
  • Disable Office First run on application boot | Enabled

Microsoft Office 2013/Miscellaneous

  • Block signing into Office | Enabled
  • Disable the Office Start screen for all Office application | Enabled
  • Show OneDrive Sign in | Disabled
  • Suppress recommended settings dialog | Enabled

Microsoft Office 2013/Privacy/Trust Center

  • Allow including screenshot with Office Feedback | Disabled
  • Automatically receive small updates to improve reliability | Disabled
  • Disable Opt-in Wizard on first run | Disabled
  • Enable Customer Experience Improvement Program | Disabled
  • Send Office Feedback | Disabled

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