Setting up Alan Tests / Promissor / Enterprise Site Manager

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The Enterprise Site Manager needs to be installed on a server without IIS being used on it. Also Teamviewer can cause problems as this also uses port 80. Also, make sure you create a folder called ESM_Test_Centre and share it out will full permissions to the users that are going to log on to the computer to sit the exam. I’d create some new accounts that are highly restricted and share it to them.

When installing the Administrator software (Client software) you need to set the share folder to the \\servername\ESM_Test_Centre
and also give full permisson to the exam account that your using to the install location which will be C:\Program Files\Promissor or C:\Program Files (x86)\Promissor
The latest Adobe Flash Player needs to be installed on the client machine and the screen resolution needs to be 1024 x 768

Demo tests can be booked by by logging in witht he school account, which the exam officer will have (contact Pearson if not). Then click on Schedule Test at the left. Put in something like EDEX_school exam number. Click continue, and continue again, put in your state and click continue, put your time in, proceed to checkout, and on the comments section click on the drop down menu and click write DEMO in both boxes.

This should all now sync to the server when you click refresh on the server ESM software, but if not, log out of the software, and click exit on the ESM startup. Now open back up the ESM startup and click browser and sign in and demo test should now be there. You will need to click on the test and click verify. You will then have to close that new windows and click on the check box and click unlock. If you them load back up the window where you verifes you will have a candidate ID and password at the top section of the window. Log in on the client machine with this info and go through the test to make sure everything is working.

Real tests can be booked by Pearson’s website, but the exam officer will do this.

If anyone has any questions or anything to add, my email is at the bottom.

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