Setting up Alan Tests / Promissor / Enterprise Site Manager

Link with all the help sheets on:  Link to book tests: The Enterprise Site Manager needs to be installed on a server without IIS being used on it. Also Teamviewer can cause problems as this also uses port 80. Also, make sure you create a folder called ESM_Test_Centre and share it out will […]

On the WSUS overview it is showing updates installed/not applicable as 0 and the pie chart is grey instead of green

To start the chart showing how many updates have the installed/not applicable status and the pie chart to start showing green again do the following to fix the problem. Go to all computers and make sure the status at the top is any. Make sure you have the tab at the top for “Last Status […]

Add the Office 2013 admx files into Group Policy

First go to the below website and download either the 32bit or 64bit installer Run the installer and extract the files. Then copy the .admx files from the admx folder that is created, and copy these into C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions (create this folder if there isn’t one). Then copy the .adml files from the en-us folder […]