Setup BGInfo on a Network

To setup BGInfo so that it applies to all users desktops on the domain, do the following Copy BGInfo.exe to a network share. \\server1\apps for example Then create a info file (.bgi) by opening BGInfo.exe and adding the information you want. Then file – save as Make sure the .bgi is saved with the BGInfo.exe […]

Serif Suite Stating it Can’t Access “C:\users\admin\Appdata” with multiple error boxes appearing

Serif WebPlus, PhotoPlus, PagePlus, MoviePlus and DrawPlus is coming up with multiple errors about accessing the local admin AppData folder when logged on with error another local account or network account. This will be the user that installed the programs. To stop the errors appearing you need to do the below. Delete the below folders: *your user account probably isn’t […]

URLS to Unblock through Internet Filtering to Allow iRIS Connect

Allow / or put through Complete bypass the following URLS and IPs to allow iRIS Connect Discovery Kit iPADS or the web app etc. 190.93.240/20